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Trevor James 5x Student Flute Outfit - Music Teacher Magazine review

Posted: 18/02/2020
"From the first note, it was clear that this was an amazing flute – the sounds that were coming out of it were more akin to a step-up flute and it was a real joy to play."

"I’ve previously reviewed the Trevor James 31CF-E and was bowled over by the beauty of its design and playing. I was therefore very pleased to find that the same level of craftsmanship and care had clearly been taken with the 5X. The Trevor James logo is discretely engraved on the headjoint and each joint has a delicate patterning to it which I liked. It all fits together nicely and comes apart with each. There is a nice weight to it, and it feels very nice beneath the fingers. The keys were easy enough to play around with as I flexed my fingers to warm it up before bringing it to my lips."

"While playing, I found out that it trills a charm – I really cannot understate how lovely it sounds. I was genuinely quite sad to pack it away and send it back!"



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