How the Barnes & Mullins Website works

How the Barnes & Mullins Website works

All functions of the Barnes & Mullins website – beyond basic product viewing – are restricted to B&M Trade Customers Only.
If you do not have a trade login to our website, please give our sales office or your Area Sales Manager a call and we can arrange access. 01691 652449

All your data and information is held in accordance with our Privacy Policy. As a trade customer you will receive various notifications and promotions from Barnes & Mullins via email as appropriate.

Placing an order:

1. Firstly, Log in to your online account. (If you don’t know how, then call us (0044 (0)1691 652449) or email us using the contact form. Then we can help you get setup online.

2. Either choose to browse products or click ‘My Account’ at the top of the homepage, to enter your personalised account management dashboard.

3. You can view the whole B&M catalogue in a regular e-commerce format, get personalised pricing based on qty discounts or main dealerships, add items to your order, and check out… all online, at any time of day.

4. Once the order is placed, assuming you have a trade credit account, your order will be pushed into our back-office system to await credit control clearance.

5. That’s it. Your order is then in progress.

6. If you need to change anything, you must call us asap. Once an online order is in the back-office system, you cannot edit it online.

We have made numerous upgrades to your account management system, which you can read about in the Updates List below:


Updates – as of May 2018

1. Faster Order Entry:
We have invested in website caching, faster servers and back-office integration to ensure your online orders go directly from our website into our back-office accounting system. This means faster processing for your orders, and the most up-to-date stock information we have ever offered.

2. Email confirmation of despatch:
If you have placed an online order, when your order is despatched from our warehouse, you will receive email confirmation showing which items have been despatched, and the tracking number for the order, if relevant. (Please make sure your email address is correct)
This feature is currently only available for online orders.

3. Expected delivery dates:
If an item is out of stock, you will see the expected arrival date of our next delivery. There are two variants of this information: Estimated and Confirmed.
* Estimated delivery dates are based upon products being ordered by B&M, but not yet despatched from the manufacturer. Hence the delivery date is estimated only.
* Confirmed delivery dates are based upon the products ordered having begun their journey from the manufacturer to the B&M warehouse. Naturally, due to delays in shipping and customs clearance, these dates can still vary.
Please Note: All Delivery Dates refer to an expected date of arrival AT BARNES & MULLINS. NOT ARRIVAL AT YOUR STORE OR WITH A CUSTOMER.

4. My Orders:
This is a listing of all your Barnes & Mullins orders from the last 12 months up to the last 30 minutes. You can view or search the full order list, sorted by order number or date of order.
Within 15 minutes of an order being submitted (assuming your account is not overdue), it will be viewable.
**If your account is overdue, the online order will NOT be submitted until your account is back within terms.
Each order displays a status: On Hold; Live; Complete.
On Hold – Your order is awaiting Credit Control approval. (ALL web orders begin at this status)
Live – Your order is in progress. The order will remain ‘Live’ until all items have been supplied. So, if the order has only been partially shipped, it will remain Live.
Complete – Your order has been totally fulfilled, and has been invoiced and shipped.

 - - Despatches - - 
Then, upon clicking 'More Details', you can view the products on each order, and each separate despatch of products related to that order.
Each despatch will include a tracking number and link to allow you to trace your despatches as they are released.
NB: Some orders may be delivered in multiple shipments, as not all products may have been available at the same time. These separate despatches will be shown below each order, each with its distinct courier tracking code where your item was despatched via a courier. Orders sent using alternative shipping methods, will not have tracking information available.

Please Note: If you place a pro-forma order, due to the order process, you will likely not receive a tracking number for your order. 

5. Back Orders:
You can view all current, outstanding products on your Barnes & Mullins credit account, listed by date ordered. Where available, this backorder list also shows expected delivery dates (for stock delivery to Barnes & Mullins).

6. Your Dealerships and Quantity Discounts:
When logged in, click the “My Discounts” link at the top of the homepage, or on the Dashboard screen. This list shows all your Main Dealership agreements, and any quantity discounts available to your business.

7. Main Dealership Pricing:
If you have any main dealership agreements applicable to your business, your unique discounted price will be shown on the appropriate products and brands when browsing the site.
When Main Dealership items are ordered, the primary price you see on your order is the Main Dealer Price. The secondary price shown is the original price of the item, prior to your main dealership discount.

8. Quantity Discounts:
When browsing the site, you will see ‘corner banners’ on products that highlight that quantity breaks are available for this item or brand. Hovering over the ‘corner banner’ will show the qty discount detail. If you view the product details page, the qty break info will also be shown clearly.
The quantity discounts will be applied in final Order Checkout process.

9. Order Values / VAT:
Your orders are shown EXCLUDING V.A.T. As usual, your final invoices from Barnes & Mullins will show VAT as appropriate.

10. Delivery charges:
Your order will be subject to B&M’s standard delivery charge schedule which can be found here:
Shipping charges are added automatically at the checkout stage of your order, and are dependant on the value of your order, your location, and the products ordered. There are a handful of products that require special shipping due to their physical size or weight, and although these items are identified on the website, the exact shipping charges may vary depending on your exact location and how many exceptional items are ordered.

11. Direct Delivery / Drop Ship orders:
In the checkout process, you can select whether the order is to be shipped to your store, or drop-shipped to your customer directly. Main Dealership products are only available for Direct Delivery / Drop-Ship if you have an active main dealership for the brand.
There are standard charges for drop-shipping to most locations, and they can be found here: . Exceptional items will incur extra charges which will be added after the order is placed. We will alert you to these charges, or better still, please call us for a price before placing the order.

12. Address Book:
This is the location for you to add alternative delivery addresses, either extra branches of your retail network, or address details for Drop Ship orders.

13. Pro-Forma Accounts:
If you do not have a credit facility on your account, you will be supplied Pro-Forma. You are still able to place orders online, but you will need to call our sales office to pay for your order before it is despatched.

14. Repairers Accounts:
If your business is trading with Barnes & Mullins with a ‘Repairers Account’ type, this means that you are authorised only to purchase items for use in the repair or restoration of instruments. You are not able to purchase instruments or amplification, and any accessories that are purchased are done so on the understanding that they are NOT for RESALE. These restrictions are highlighted throughout the site, but if you would like to upgrade your account, please speak to your B&M Area Sales Manager.

15. Current Price List
Located on the left hand side of your Account dashboard is a link to download our current pricelist. This is a CSV file (which can be opened in Excel) which shows: SKU, Trade Price, SRP and Current Stock Qty. It is a general trade pricelist and does NOT show any main dealership prices etc.
This file is updated every 30 minutes online, and mirrors the information shown on the B&M web pages. The file shows the time it was updated. The CSV file does NOT automatically update within Excel.

16. Download Brand Images
If you’re a trade customer of ours, you will doubtless want access to our images for your own ecommerce store. You can download all our web images – either in one big chunk, or brand by brand. The links shown are updated weekly into pre-zipped files, so they will start to download immediately the link is clicked.


When your order is finally processed by our sales office, you are bound by our regular Trading Terms and Conditions.

You can always call us on 0044 (0)1691 652449 and speak to our sales office who will be pleased to help with any enquiry or order.