Warranty Claims / Repairs

If your Peavey product is under warranty, your first port of call must be the retailer from which you purchased the product. Your product will need to be returned to the retailer from which it was purchased.
The retailer will then contact us (Barnes & Mullins, the UK distributor for Peavey), and they will arrange for your product to be returned and repaired under warranty.

Please note:

  • Your product must have been purchased as new, from a UK or Ireland Peavey retailer for the warranty to be valid.
  • In order for the retailer to process your warranty claim successfully, you will need to provide clear proof of purchase, such as an original sales receipt. 
  • If your product was purchased prior to 2015, Barnes & Mullins will have to authorise the Warranty repair with Peavey EU prior to commencing any remedial work.

We (Barnes & Mullins) are able to offer warranty repairs for all Peavey branded products.

If your Peavey product is no longer under warranty, we recommend that you contact one of the approved Peavey Service Centres listed here.

Peavey Service Centres are independent companies who have the expertise to carry out appropriate repairs with access to genuine Peavey parts.

Neither Barnes & Mullins nor Peavey underwrite the activities of these independent companies.

Barnes & Mullins - The UK distributor of Peavey products - can only accept returns via Peavey retailers in the UK or Ireland. If your product is not under warranty, you can contact one of the Peavey Service Centres located around the country.

We are only able to service Peavey products originating in the UK or Ireland operating at 220v - 240v.

To arrange the return of a Peavey product for a warranty repair, please complete this Warranty Claim Form. Once submitted with your customer's proof of purchase, you will be contacted by the Barnes & Mullins service department.

Below is a listing of the minimum terms of warranty issued by Peavey Corporation. The below applies to products purchased from 2015 into the present day. 

Guitars/Basses, Amplifiers, Pre-Amplifiers, Mixers, Electronic Crossovers and Equalizers - 2 years

Enclosures - 2 years

Microphones - 2 years

Drums - 2 years

Digital Effect Devices and MIDI Controllers - 1 year

Speaker Components (incl. speakers, baskets, drivers, diaphragm replacement kits and passive crossovers) - 1 year

AmpKit Link and XPort - 1 year

Tubes and Meters - 90 Days

Cables - Limited Lifetime


Please note: Absolute proof of purchase must be established by the claimant for any warranty claim to be honoured.

Service Centres

A Peavey Service Centre is an independent company, not under the jurisdiction of Peavey Corporation or Barnes & Mullins Ltd. A Peavey Service Centre has shown the necessary expertise to service and repair Peavey products.

If you would like to register as a UK or Ireland Peavey Service Centre, please contact Barnes & Mullins Ltd, or fill out the 'Service Centre Application'. Once the form is submitted, you will be contacted by the UK Peavey Product Manager who can take the process to completion. 

Once registered and approved, you will have access to Peavey Spare Parts at trade prices for the purposes of service and repair.

General FAQ's

Barnes & Mullins are the exclusive distributor for Peavey Products in the UK and Ireland. You can learn more about Barnes & Mullins here - www.bandm.co.uk.

Due to the vast range of Peavey products available, you may be unable to find the spare part you need online. In this instance, please submit a 'Parts Request'. This request will go directly to Barnes & Mullins' Peavey Service Manager who will investigate the part required and respond with information pertaining to the price and availability.