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New Spector Euro LT and Euro Bolt models land in the UK.

Upgraded Euro LT instruments feature a weight-relieved construction and custom pickups and electronics from Bartolini & Darkglass Electronics.

Shergold Guitars release 2019 Limited Edition ‘Tango Fandango’ Orange Masquerader.

Available in limited, one-off quantities, the Shergold 2019 Limited Edition Tango Fandango SM01-SD Masquerader is a vibrant and eye-catching option for any players who enjoy making a bold statement.

Spector Musical Instruments Names New Management Team.

Under new ownership, and poised to deliver the best year yet in 2019, Spector Musical Instruments (SMI) has named a new management team for the brand.

Faith Guitars & Fishman Music partner to giveaway Blood Moon Venus & Loudbox Mini BT amp worth over $1800.

Faith Guitars have announced a partnership with Fishman Music to giveaway a Faith Blood Moon Venus E/Cut acoustic guitar (FVBMB) and a Fishman Loudbox Mini with Bluetooth amplifier worth a combined value of over $1800 (£1300).

Shergold Guitars launch new ‘Provocateur’ guitars.

In line with the award-winning Masquerader guitars, the Shergold Provocateur models have been designed by British luthier Patrick James Eggle and are the first in the Shergold range to feature a single cut design and a truly vintage scale length.

Faith Guitars donated to Music Fusion Charity

Music Fusion, based in Havant, access and engage young people going through challenging life circumstances.

Peavey Grind NTB basses now available.

Available in 4, 5 and 6 string models, the Peavey Grind NTB bass has become a well-respected and popular model in Peavey’s extensive bass guitar range.

Shez Raja joins DR Strings.

“I greatly admire and share DR’s passion for quality and quite simply think that DR Strings (Hi-Beams) are the best I’ve ever used. They have such a great feel and a very special rich tone.”

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