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Thomastik-Infeld celebrate 50th Anniversary of their revolutionary ‘Dominant’ orchestral strings.

Still the most played and popular violin strings today, Thomastik-Infeld Dominant strings changed the landscape of string manufacturing forever.

The new B&M 2020-21 trade catalogue is here.

Launching in the year that B&M celebrate their 125th year in business, Catalogue #63 will be landing on the doormats of all registered B&M dealers from this week onwards and is freely available to new music retailers upon request.

New Légère American Cut saxophone reeds available in the UK.

Légère American Cut reeds are the culmination of a 6-year research project to advance Legere's Signature Series technology and create a reed that answers the needs of the world’s most discerning jazz musicians.

Champion Wind & Brass release new instrument care kits.

Available for clarinet, alto/soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet and trombone - each care kit contains relevant Champion instrument care and maintenance oils, lubricants, cloths, brushes, and other essentials.

Peavey LN1263 Column Array now available in the UK.

The release of the LN1263 marks the first column array designed by Peavey specifically with the solo acoustic guitarist in mind. The onboard six-channel mixer features four combo inputs, each with the option of selecting a guitar input.

In Memory of Peter King. Jazz Great. 1940 - 2020

Barnes & Mullins were honoured to have many interactions with Peter due to his long-standing use of Yanagisawa Saxophones.

Reduced Shipping Costs - EXTENDED to December 31st 2020

Barnes & Mullins are pleased to announce that their reduced shipping charges, introduced around the beginning of the viral lockdown period, will continue to be offered until December 31st, 2020.

Thomastik Infeld Rondo & Ti strings now available. Ideal for instrument workshops & repairers.

Instrument repairers and specialist retailers with luthier workshops can take advantage of reduced prices when ordering Rondo bulk tubes of 12 (violin) or 6 (cello) individual strings.

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