Hidersine Inizio Violin 1/4 Outfit.


Hidersine Inizio Violin 1/4 Outfit.
Hidersine Inizio Violin 1/4 Outfit. Hidersine Inizio Violin 1/4 Outfit. Hidersine Inizio Violin 1/4 Outfit. Hidersine Inizio Violin 1/4 Outfit. Hidersine Inizio Violin 1/4 Outfit.


Hidersine Inizio Violin Outfit - 1/4 (One Quarter) Size.

The best violin outfit for absolute beginners.


“If you're looking for the best instrument for an absolute beginner, the Inizio is for you. You'll love its easy playing style, and your teacher will love the way it helps you perform.“


Don't forget to choose the correct size of instrument. The Hidersine Inizio violin is available in Full size, 3/4 size, 1/2 size, 1/4 size and even 1/8 size. 

This model is a 1/4 (One Quarter) Size, so will be suitable for a child approximately 6 years old. We advise speaking to your local music store or your teacher to ensure you buy the correct size. 


Get the best start you can:

When you’re starting out on an unknown journey, such as learning a new musical instrument, it’s understandably tempting to go for the very cheapest option possible ‘just to see how it goes’. But, deep down we all know that it’s not actually the best idea… and that’s why we created the Inizio. 

Having a proper instrument on which to start learning will undoubtedly help you or your child get the very best results possible. If you have an instrument that hasn’t been set up properly, or one that hasn’t been built as well as it should, no matter how much practise you do, it isn’t going to sound any better.

Built to withstand the rigours of school, while still sounding great:

Made with a laminated Spruce top and Maple back and sides, the Hidersine Inizio violin is made with strength and resilience in mind. Perfect for the often long and arduous journeys to and from school or music lessons. The included, shaped Styrofoam case aids the instrument’s protection greatly, and can help withstand the rigours of the school bus!

Complete with everything you need:

Your Inizio violin is supplied as an outfit, which is to say it is complete with what you need to get started. The violin itself will be supplied with strings, and with the bridge in the ‘down’ position. This means that you need to either ask the teacher to set the bridge for you, or ideally, when buying from your local music store, ask them to set the bridge for you. Then if you have any questions in the future, you can always return to the same store and they’ll gladly help you out.

Also included is a Styrofoam, shaped case with space inside for a couple of accessories. The case will have a zipped opening and a comfy handle too.

Most importantly, your Inizio Violin outfit also includes a Brazilwood bow, without which no sound is possible. Just tighten the hair, apply a little rosin, and the bow is ready to play… as you will be too.


Key Features:

Laminated Spruce top and Maple Back and Sides: 
Built strong, for the rigours of the school bus. 

Tailpiece Fine-Tune Adjusters:
Making tuning that little bit easier, the tailpiece adjusters help early players get in tune and stay in tune more quickly. 

Complete with everything you need: 
To make it as easy as possible, the Hidersine Inizio Violin Outfit is complete with a brazilwood bow and Hidersine case.


Quick Spec:

Laminated Spruce table, Laminated Maple back and ribs with graphic flame, Ebonised hardwood fingerboard and pegs, Alloy tailpiece with adjusters, Composite chin rest.


Supplied with:

Shaped Case 


Available Sizes:

4/4, ¾, ½, ¼, 1/8


Commodity Code 9202101000
Manufacturer Hidersine
Country of Origin China
Barcode 5036678021530
Bow Material Brazilwood
Instrument Type Violin
Size 4/4
Table Laminated Spruce
Back, Neck, Ribs Laminated Maple
Fingerboard Hardwood
Bridge Maple
Chin Rest Composite Plastic
Peg Type Hardwood Ebonised
Tailpiece Aluminium Alloy
Sound Post Spruce
Tuners 4 Integral Fine Tuners
Case Type Shaped Padded
Outfit Outfit
Strings Steel Strings

Weights & Dimensions

Height (CM) 66
Width (CM) 21
Depth (CM) 12.5
Weight (Kg) 1.2

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