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Faith FVHG3 - 3pc Rosewood Stunners

Posted: 26/08/2021
"A development of the award-winning Hi-Gloss series of guitars, HG3 model instruments build upon the all-solid tonewood foundation of models such as the Venus FVHG and Neptune FNCEHG. "

Sticking with beautifully blonde Engelmann Spruce tops, the backs of HG3 models are made using 3 pieces of highly figured rosewood bound with strikingly flamed maple.

“We started experimenting with the use of three pieces of rosewood a couple of years ago”, says Alex Mew, Faith Guitars’ brand director. “Ensuring resonance and tone was our primary concern, and after producing a number of prototype models, we settled on what we found to be the best way to achieve a sonically rich result with this 3-piece construction technique. So, we have upgraded the already beautiful HiGloss series even further and can be confident that players will discover a brighter and even more powerful tone than previously.”

Faith’s HG3 models will gradually replace the existing HG, HiGloss product range, launching initially with the FVHG3 model, based upon the ever-popular Venus Concert Cutaway shape. This will be followed in the coming months by HG3 iterations of the Lyra Nylon String, Neptune Cutaway Grand Auditorium and Mercury Scoop Parlour models.

Each instrument will be made of all-solid tonewoods, feature Fishman Electronics’ preamps and pickups and be supplied in a high quality hardcase.

The Faith FVHG3 model will be in stores from September 2021, with a recommended retail price of £1215.

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