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Spector adds 'Inferno Red' to Euro Bolt range

Posted: 22/07/2021
"The new Inferno Red model features a Poplar Burl top over a European Alder body."

Spector have announced the release of a new model in their Euro Bolt series - the 'Inferno Red'.

The EuroBolt model adds a new dimension to the classic Spector sound. Crafted using bolt-on construction, the EuroBolt features a 3-piece maple neck & fingerboard that is roasted to perfection.

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The roasting process improves strength and stability while preserving the clear, present tones that is characteristic of North American Maple. The classic NS body is carved from Alder, a classic tonewood that’s revered for it’s lightweight and balanced sound. EuroBolt models also feature hum-cancelling Aguilar P/J (4-String) / Humbucker (5-String) pickups and an Aguilar OBP-2 active tone circuit.

This combination of professional-grade electronics provides a wide palette of tones that perfectly complements the natural tones of the EuroBolt. 

The new Inferno Red model features a Poplar Burl top over a European Alder body.

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