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Faith at Melbourne Guitar Show 2019

Posted: 01/10/2019
Photo credit: CMC Music Australia
"Partners, CMC Music took care of the needs of Australian acoustic aficionados in early August with a great display of Faith Guitars and Kyser products. "

Faith at Melbourne Guitar Show 2019

Co-ordinated by the Australian Music Association, the Melbourne Guitar Show is a public-facing exhibition of guitar-related products that takes place during the first weekend in August. Based at Melbourne’s Caulfield Racecourse, the show saw Faith Guitars working with our Australian partners, CMC Music, who worked hard to ensure availability of a great selection of instruments for the attending musicians to experience.

Faith guitars and Kyser musical products were presented together on the Mezzanine Acoustic floor on a dedicated stand where CMC Music presented the latest Faith models, including the Legacy series. Feedback from the players was gratifyingly positive! CMC also worked with 4-piece Country Music Stars, ‘ Darlinghurst’ who were performing with Legacy and BloodMoon models to great effect.

The exhibition boasted around 4700 visitors over the 2 days, with 65 exhibitors displaying a full range of guitar product across 3 floors.

The AMA has released a highlights reel of the show here:

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