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Could these be the best Brass Instrument mouthpieces, ever!?

Posted: 07/05/2020
"Brass instrument Mouthpieces that love to perform - and LOVE to perform OUTDOORS too! Unaffected by climatic changes, you can be sure of your intonation every time. "

What’s the story?

In short, Michael Brand – the inventor of the ‘Brand’ mouthpiece – spends his professional career in the plastics industry in Switzerland. As an enthusiastic trumpeter too, he decided to merge the two interests and set about creating what he hoped would be the very finest mouthpieces.
Selecting a unique plastic compound - which is biologically harmless, BPA free and Phthalate free - he worked with the patented TurboBore ‘rifled’ design to merge an exclusive material with an exclusive technology. The result is ‘Brand’ mouthpieces - some of the most powerful innovations in brass instruments for years.

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You can get more power:

If you have ever heard of ‘rifling’ you’ll get the idea straight away. The barrel of a gun (or rifle!) is generally ‘rifled’ – it has a spiral pattern which aids the speed and accuracy of the bullet as it’s fired.

Well, the patented TurboBore technology employed by ‘Brand’ mouthpieces does essentially the same thing. Each mouthpiece has a specially spiralled airway that increases the energy of each blow into the instrument, meaning you get an overall fuller sound, with a real boost of performance in the higher registers.

Brand Plastic Trombone MouthpieceThey LOVE playing outdoors!

If you play outdoors, say in a Brass Band or Marching Band, you normally have to worry about your regular mouthpiece expanding and contracting in the heat or cold.. perhaps with the fun of cold lips and unreliable intonation.
But not anymore!
Not only will you find that your new ‘Brand’ mouthpiece feels more comfortable on your lips (as it wont get freezing cold or really hot), you can be confident that your intonation will be bang on, as the special composite material won’t fluctuate like metal, whatever the weather.

Allergy sufferers need not worry:

As there is no metal – and specifically, Nickel – in a ‘Brand’ mouthpiece, you won’t have any trouble with allergies or sore lips from too much nickel exposure.

You will spend less time cleaning the mouthpiece too:

Great news for those who frankly have better things to do with their time, your new ‘Brand’ mouthpiece doesn’t require the level of cleaning and maintenance that a traditional metal mouthpiece does.

Firstly, dirt and grime doesn’t naturally adhere to the composite plastic material like it does to metal, but when the time does come for a clean, it couldn’t be easier.
Just hot water and a brush will do the job perfectly well, and it’s quick too. No lengthy soaking is required in metal-protective solutions.
Run your mouthpiece under a tap and brush it out… then leave it to dry… and of course, it won’t tarnish either!

Brand Mouthpiece Boosters But a plastic mouthpiece doesn’t quite feel so ‘substantial’:

Fair enough. The ‘Brand’ mouthpieces are not going to be as heavy as their metal counterparts. That is true, although metal mouthpieces obviously vary in weight too. But if you want all the benefits of a ‘Brand’ mouthpiece, but with a little more chunkiness, then you can add a ‘Brand’ booster!

The ‘Brand’ boosters are designed to fit around your mouthpiece – whether it be a ‘Brand’ mouthpiece or not – and add a little more weight. Available in Stainless Steel or Gold finishes, the Boosters deliver a reduced level of vibration, ensuring an even more accurate flow of air.

‘Brand’ mouthpieces are available for Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone Horn - from Barnes & Mullins.