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Faith Saturn Natural
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Faith Saturn Natural
Faith Saturn Natural Faith Saturn Natural


Faith Natural series were the very first style of Faith Guitar, and are a classic combination of Spruce and Mahogany. Using high grade Englemann Spruce for the top and satin finished Mahogany for the back and sides, Natural models feature solid Rosewood binding and Macassan Ebony for the fingerboard, bridge, headplate and heelcap. Tonally, this combination of wood is generally warm, sweet and mellow, delivering an overall balanced tone.

Visualising this as a frequency curve, it would be shaped like a frown: lower on the bass, rising through the middle and dipping once again at the top end. This tonal character means that the notes blend together well and therefore is ideal for strumming and accompaniment purposes, and when recorded, it sits comfortably in a mix.

The solid Engelmann Spruce top is coated with a thin, protective lacquer whereas the back and sides are finished with a satin feel. This contrast ensures a good balance between both control and natural resonance. Natural models are available either as straight acoustic guitars or as electro-acoustic models. for more info.

Detailed Specification

Manufacturer Faith Guitars
Barcode 5036678074079
Master Carton 2
Back / Side Wood Solid Mahogany
Finish Type Gloss Top/Satin Back-Sides
Guitar Style Acoustic
Right / Left Handed Righthanded
Top Wood Solid Engelmann Spruce

User Reviews Average User Rating:

I Like the sound and feel of the guitar. I have difficulty to find similar pins
Great projection and tone! Easy to play, and nice to look at.
Alana, United States of America
My faith Saturn (Natural) is fantastic ! It is the best guitar I have ever had, I love the tone it is amazing the guys at Faith have done a great job so much so I am saving up to get the Murcury model, Love it !
Paul, United Kingdom
Nice consistency. Good sustain. It needs a setup for hard strumming without buzzing. Great looking guitar. A keeper for sure. The best: the price.
Enrique, Spain
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