Brand Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Woody 7 TurboBlow – Red


Brand Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Woody 7 TurboBlow – Red
Brand Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Woody 7 TurboBlow – Red


Size: Woody 7

Colour: Red

Character: Great response with a warm and beautiful sound. Suitable for all styles - especially soloists.

Shank Size: Deep

Inner Cup Diameter: 16.45mm

What are Brand Mouthpieces?

“Made in Switzerland by Michael Brand, Brand mouthpieces offer brass players an exciting new playing experience. Using patented ‘Turbobore’ technology, Brand TurboBlow mouthpieces deliver more volume and a richer tone thanks to precise threading of the mouthpiece stem cone. Effectively a process of ‘rifling’, each mouthpiece has a specially spiralled airway that increases the energy of each blow, resulting in an overall fuller sound, with a particular benefit in the higher registers.

The ‘Brand’ Mouthpiece Advantages:

  • Unaffected by climate – Unlike metal mouthpieces, your new Brand mouthpiece won’t expand and contract in the heat or the cold. So not only will it feel more comfortable on your lips, but you can get perfect intonation from the very beginning, no matter the weather!
  • Non-Allergenic – No worries about metal allergies.
  • They stay cleaner for longer – Dirt does not adhere to the plastic like it does to metal… and
  • They’re easier to clean when required – You can just use hot water and a brush! Nice and easy.
  • Amazing ‘Turboblow’ technology – You’ll love the difference that this patented design makes. More volume and a fuller sound!

Manufactured of an exclusive cellulose-based composite, Brand mouthpieces are biologically harmless, BPA free and Phthalate free.


Commodity Code 9209992000
Manufacturer Brand Mouthpieces
Country of Origin Switzerland
Barcode 7640168843335
Instrument Type Flugelhorn

Weights & Dimensions

Height (CM) 9
Width (CM) 4.1
Depth (CM) 4.1
Weight (Kg) 0.022