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Alphayue Violin String E - 3/4

AL01 3/4

Alphayue Violin String E - 3/4


Alphayue Violin 3/4 - From Thomastik, the E string is steel core/tin plated, the A string is synthetic core with aluminium winding and D and G strings are synthetic core with monel winding. Combining an unbeatable price with Thomastik-Infeld quality means you no longer have to settle for solid-steel strings to assure durability. Their advanced synthetic core delivers a rich, colourful sound impossible to achieve with solid steel core strings. They live a long life and are unaffected by temperature and humidity changes. Alphayue stay in tune and have a forgiving nature. They will improve the sound of the most basic student instruments while giving the player instant response, supple playability and a colourful tone. Alphayue’s make practicing more fun and music-making a pleasure!

Detailed Specification

Manufacturer Thomastik Infeld
Barcode 9003918704931
Instrument Type Violin
Note / Key E String
Size 3/4
Strings Alphayue